#SupportLocal Businesses!

Find awesome places, restaurants and activities in Miami

#SupportLocal Businesses!

Find awesome places, restaurants and activities in Miami

Being a proud citizen of Miami means loving the local scenes, its vibrant soul and the fantastic people that make the magic happen. As everyone starts transitioning to the “new normal” we want our communities and businesses to get the jumpstart they need. Enter #JumpStartMiami.

Our goal at Jump Start Miami is to inform Miami and raise awareness on those dining, services and other activities that are opening, and incentivize them to visit or support those local businesses. Whether you are a local business looking to participate or a potential partner looking to help our businesses move forward, we invite you to join us and #JumpStartMiami.

Together, with our resources, partnerships and community assistance, we can JumpStart Miami! Because without our favorite spots, hidden gems and random local adventures, most of our businesses would not exist.

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The safety and wellbeing of the community is of utmost importance to us all. That’s why we will be informing the sanitation measures that should be implemented based on local standards.

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UPDATED Ago 25,2020: Miami-Dade Mayor: Restaurants can resume indoor seating at 50% capacity on Aug. 31 More Info